When you click on Menu item „Tools“ → „Settings...“ you see „Collector Notepad“ settings window. In this window you can choose language of interface by clicking button „Language“.

When you click button „Skins“ you can choose design and color of the program.

In text box „Default folder for collection file“ you can change the directory where you will be creating and saving collection data and pictures.

In the box „Default folder for backup files“ is the path to the directory where the collection will be stored in the backup. Also it could be opened when we choose „Restore Backup file“. By clicking buttons on the right side you will be able to choose other directories.

By default tick on option „Open collections file from previous session“ is there. It means that when you open the program „Collector Notepad“, there will be opened same collection file which was opened last time before closing the program. If there is no tick on that option – program will open with an empty window.

„Reset to default“ – restore „Collector Notepad“ to default settings.

When changes are completed, click the button „Ok“ on the bottom of the window, that changes would be saved and settings window will close. If you click „Cancel“ – changes will be aborted.