Welcome to Collector Notepad

The first thing you could ask is – why is collection software needed? Maybe you wouldn’t need it if you have just a few collectables and you remember the stories where the items came from pretty clear, but let’s be honest – once the collection gets big, you’ll forget a lot of important details and maybe the whole story behind it. However, with this freeware program you will be able to write down the important things and track your collection changes and history.

The program is called Collector Notepad and it has all the features that every collector needs – you will be able to leave notes on each of your collectables, organize the collection in a way that is most comfortable for you.

Here are the top reasons why you should try this new software:

  • Collector Notepad lets you enter the most important information – the date of the acquirement, the name of it and the description. Of course, you will be also able to add some nice photos to your Collector Notepad. This cataloging software is valuable and easy to use, because you can have different collection files if you have several different collections.
  • Collector Notepad is a pretty universal program, as it is perfect for those only beginning to build their collection, while it may be also more than hobby collection software for those, who take collection very seriously.
  • Collector Notepad is freeware, which means you won’t have to pay anything for it. So, if you have a really huge amount of collectables just hit the download button and install Collector Notepad – you will be surprised by those easy to use yet very powerful functions. Now you will have the ability to know the total amount of your collected items, look through and share the photos, edit, delete and add new descriptions.

All in all, if you find collecting as a very useful and meaningful leisure time, do not hesitate to try this great software. The easy to use interface, the ability to store your collection into one place and keep a track of the changes and new acquirements are the main advantages of this top quality program.

  • Collector Notepad - cataloging program


Collector Notepad Features
  • This program is free
  • Different files for different collections
  • Uploads up to three photographs
  • Title field
  • Date of acquirement field
  • Description field
  • Shows total amount of collectables
  • Entries may be removed, edited
  • Used for skin
  • Create a backup copy of your collection


Data can be sorted:
  • Acquirement priority
  • Entry priority
  • Title